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Empathy Brand Index - Top 10 - Covid-19 Edition

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

We're continuously tracking how people feel about the performance of brands & organisations for our Empathy Brand Index. However, recently we wanted to understand which brands and organisations the Nation perceive to be doing the most to support us during this Covid-19 Crisis and which brands have gone up or down in our estimations.

Having analysed the performance of over 50 brands and organisations, we’ve compiled the results into a Covid-19 Edition.

Unsurprisingly, the HSE, Gardaí and An Post top the Brand Index for the phenomenal role they continue to play in supporting the Nation during this Covid-19 Crisis.

In 4th place is Fine Gael for their performance during this crisis, with our Supermarkets completing the Top 10 for their tireless efforts to keep the shelves stocked and checkouts moving in a challenging environment.

Overall, the perception of all brands and organisations has shifted dramatically in the past few weeks with their actions (or inactions) heavily impacting their performance.

For a more detailed report on how your brand is performing in these uncertain times, or to include your brand in our Brand Index, please contact Declan O'Reilly or Robert Clarke


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